Adding insult to injury.

The Guardian UK reports that the Old Vic theatre in London commissioned a poll to find Britain's top 20 actors and actresses. The results, please...

The 20 best British actors:
1) Anthony Hopkins
2) Laurence Olivier
3) Sean Connery
4) Alec Guinness
5) Michael Caine
6) Richard Burton
7) David Jason
8) Cary Grant
9) John Mills
10) Ian McKellen
11) Oliver Reed
12) John Thaw
13) Ewan McGregor
14) Peter Sellers
15) John Gielgud
16) Ray Winston
17) Robert Carlyle
18) Kenneth Branagh
19) David Niven
20) Peter O'Toole

The 20 best British actresses:
1) Judi Dench
2) Julie Walters
3) Elizabeth Taylor
4) Maggie Smith
5) Julie Andrews
6) Helen Mirren
7) Emma Thompson
8) Vanessa Redgrave
9) Joan Collins
10) Thora Hird
11) Julie Christie
12) Diana Dors
13) Kathy Burke
14) Margaret Rutherford
15) Samantha Morton
16) Victoria Wood
17) Kristin Scott Thomas
18) Helena Bonham-Carter
19) Juliet Stevenson
20) Kate Winslet

Yes, crusty old Sir Hopkins topped the male list and craggly old Dame Dench topped the female list. Fairly predictible. But, ho! What's this? Kristin Scott Thomas made it onto the female list. Um, if we're not mistaken, Ms. Scott Thomas appeared in The English Patient, which means, by any standards, she should not be eligible for any award or list of honor ever. Thus, we do not endorse these results. However, we do take a little comfort knowing that Joan Collins topped both Julie Christie and Kate Winslet. Obviously the margin of error on these lists is, give or take, 96%.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but Ms. Scott Thomas also appeared in "Under the Cherry Moon," so we know she has a sense of humour about these things...