Take my life, please.

What??? Where did this come from? We are usually up on our theater (read: gay) news, especially when it comes to surefire flops. But this is a total surprise! We're kind of salivating at the thought of how awful an untested new coming-of-age-in-New-York-City musical completely written AND directed by the guy who wrote the song "You Light Up My Life" is going to be. It sort of makes The Blonde in the Thunderbird seem like merely an appeteaser to a delicious meal of terribleness.

If, in fact, we are not dreaming this, which we kind of still think we are, expect updates as previews progress to what's sure to be a pre-opening closing.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, I JUST noticed your mission statement!! That is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I know this is an old post, but I was on my way to Altar Boyz last night and there were about 5 people handing out CDs for this musical, and the premise sounded kind of interesting!! A man with Tourette's syndrome falls in love with a woman with obsessive-compulsive disorder at the supermarket!! come on, that's pretty intriguing!! i haven't listened to my sample CD yet, but when i do, I will be sure to let you know how it is.
And that is all I have to say in this much too long post on a very old entry that you're probably never going to read anyway.