Kidman and kid cancer.

FemaleFirst brings us this item today. Apparently after reading about him in the New York Post, Nicole Kidman decided to make an impromptu appearance at the bedside of six-year-old Australian cancer patient, Dylan Hartung. However, the kid wasn't impressed by Kidman alone. He told her his two wishes were to meet Angelina Jolie (who is apparently not making unscheduled bedside cameos yet) and to beat cancer. Kidman then promised to bring Jolie with her on a future visit. Before you jump to conclusions and call this kid the luckiest kid ever, the article ends with this statement:

Kidman, who promised to take Hartung to the cinema, returned three days later and accompanied the youngster to The Dukes of Hazzard.

Kidman later went on to say, "Angelina was busy with Zahara and Maddox, so I thought I'd take Dylan to see The Dukes of Hazzard. Unfortunately he removed his respirator after five minutes, but at least I helped him beat cancer. That was one of his wishes."

The NB would like to thank Nicole Kidman for doing her part in the battle against deadly, yet occasionally beatable diseases.

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