Free Michael Vartan.

Yesterday it was reported that Michael Vartan, "Alias"'s Michael Vaughn, shot his final scenes of the show last week. Meaning, they killed him off. Meaning, he is now free of the sinking, Mia Maestro-infested ship that is "Alias." Of course, some people (with LOTS of time and computer skills) are utterly incensed and have begun the online MV CAMPAIGN to save Michael Vaughn.

Here is a bit from the site:

For the past four years many of us have invested our time, emotions and money in support of Alias. We have been drawn in by the plots, characters and the actors who portray them. Now as we are about to venture into the 5 th season, we find out that we may be losing one of the most integral, beloved, and interesting characters on the show.

Many of us feel that if this were to occur, it would be showing the show, the viewers, and Mr.Vartan a huge lack of both respect and loyalty. After four years, we feel the show, the viewers and Mr. Vartan deserve far more. So, we have decided to take action and do something to express our feelings to ABC, and Bad Robot.

Wow. That's all very moving. And by "moving," we mean "hilarious." Come on, people, if he's been killed off, which he most likely has been, he's not coming back. So go volunteer your time at your local soup kitchen or Starbucks and stop wasting the precious Internet's space with this nonsense. Or, better yet, consider how good he must feel to be off a show that has been sucking for as long as it was totally rad. Why not start a campaign to have him digitally removed from seasons 3 and 4? We'd totally sign that useless petition. But, no, you all have to play the pansy victims, the "How could you do this to us?" fat girls in black. Look, Michael Vartan can now concentrate on a film career or perhaps a career in a new, awesome television show. You'll all see Michael Vartan again, people. Only, when you do, he'll be much, much happier.

Thank you. We'd continue, but we've been inspired to begin HARBOR VICTOR GARBER and RESCUE RON RIFKIN Web campaigns. Stay tuned...

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