A beef with the ghetto.

If you're in Chicago, you can get, and may already have gotten yourself some Ghetto Fries. They're French fries being sold by Max's Famous Italian Beef on the North Side of what the kids used to call Chi-town. Ghetto Fries are fries topped with cheddar cheese, giardiniera, gravy, barbecue sauce and raw onions (apparently the first-choice name, Death Fries, was already taken by Vinny's Beef-a-rama in Union City). They're also pissing this Chicago Sun-Times writer off, as well as its food critic, Don Ross. Ross writes "I suggested they were made in Jewtown by colored slaves. What next? Wetback refritos?" After reading Ross's outrageously inappropriate comments, we at the NB would officially like to welcome Don Ross as its new food critic.

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