And don't it feel good!

The best way to get something done is to have someone else do it for you! That's why we're happy to feature some Katrina-related quotes and stuffs sent by our good friend and longtime reader Michelle, which may or may not be her real name depending on how she feels about being associated with this site. And she may be a boy. He may be.

Michelle read the San Francisco Chronicle's article we featured in our first post of the day and pulled some of its favorite quotes:

At the hotel Le Richelieu in New Orleans' French Quarter, the winds blew open sets of balcony doors shortly after dawn. Seventy-three-year-old Josephine Elow pressed her weight against the broken doors as a hotel employee tried to secure them.

"It's not life-threatening," Mrs. Elow said as rain water dripped from her face. "God's got our back."

We have to agree that that's pretty phenomenal, mostly because it features a 73-year-old woman trying to hold back 150mph winds. Life-threatening winds.

However, not everyone is with Mrs. Elow.

"I'm expecting that some people who are die-hards will die hard," parish council President Aaron Broussard said.

Well, Parish council presidents have never been known for their sensitivity.

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