America, give us your top models.

The Top Model 5 site has gone live! You can get all the info on all the contestants, one of whom will still be in the running with the hopes of running into the hopes of still being America's next top model.

As we did with cycle 4 (fine, Tyra, we'll play your little game and call them cycles—just don't be surprised if one day you wake up to find Yoanna's head in your bed), we'll highlight our favorites:


Obviously, we are THRILLED that there's finally a boy on the show. And, he's kind of hot in a Michael Pitt sort of way. But we've always been a sucker for the Lacoste. And for someone whose favorite mags are US Weekly and the Economist. Kim, can we get married? We don't mind that you have a girl's name.


This girl looks like she can kick some serious ass. And, because we deem the "y" in her name silent, she's called Corn. Which is so postmodern in a retro, Indian sort of way. Good luck, Corn!


We waffled between Ebony and Bre, because we want to believe there'll be a sassy black Camille or Tiffany this cycle. Ebony just might fit the bill. Her picture is no-nonsense, and her favorite movies are Malcolm X and Beauty and the Beast, so we feel like underneath her way shiny surface might be a monster waiting to attack. That flower's not fooling anyone, Ebs.

Cycle 5 premieres on September 21 at 8pm. The bad news is no Janice Dickinson. The good news is that it's two hours. See you there.

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