Katrina and the waves.

Since obviously no kinds of shenanistons are going to be reported today, we'll just focus on the Great Hurricane of the Doomsday Century of '05. Specifically, we'll post some of our favorite headlines. And, you're welcome to send us some of yours, too! Just email NervyB@gmail.com. And if you're hot and single, include a pic and phone number. Thanks!

FOX News, of course, states that "Katrina Whips New Orleans."

In related reporting, The San Francisco Chronicle opens with "Katrina Pounds New Orleans."

The Courier-Mail of Australia writes that "Hurricane Screams Ashore." Subtle personification.

From the Associated Press, via the Asbury Park Press, "Hurricane would leave area under toxic swamp."

Not so much a headline as an opening sentence, the Globe and Mail goes with "New Orleans: walled city under attack."

We love the Indianapolis Star for this: "Katrina May Turn City into Atlantis."

The always dependable New York Daily News has "Hurricane Hell in New Orleans."

Not to be outdone by the Daily News, the NY Post names its cover story, well, here's a visual aid (please note: the Post has put its catastrophes in order of importance)...

The UK's Manchester Evening News makes catastrophe sexy with "Hurricane Kat Prowls the US."

Besides those, right now we have lots of "hammers," "slams," "smashes," etc. We'll keep you posted as the hyperbole continues to lash us with its fury.

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