Dur Dur D'être Teen-ager.

OK, fuckers, we've reached the point of total desperation: we're going to start referencing ourselves now. Remember a while back we did a Bastille Day post about Jordy, the French baby who had a huge hit with his song "Dur Dur D'être Bébé" and continued to "record" songs until the French government accused his parents of exploiting him and banned him from radio and TV (we love France!)? Well, being that Jordy was born in 1988, he's no longer a baby. We figured you were probably wondering what happened to the tiny superstar, so we found this site. It seems to be a bit old, as Jordy's age is give as 16, but, really, what really changes in a year? We're assuming he still lives in a farm in Caen and that he enjoys judo and dancing. And that he's really, really gay.

Also, here's Jordy's astrology chart. YOU'RE WELCOME.

And, fine, here're the mp3s of his entire baby record again. It's Friday, people. Time to put this shit on on the office sound system, crack open a few Bartles & Jaymeses and DANCE.

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