It's haunting, really.

Here at the NB, we get tons of magazines sent to us because PR people are dying to have their goodies posted on such a wide-reaching site as this one. We were thumbing through Interview last night (don't worry—we were HAMMERED), and we came across this month's interview of Scarlett Johansson by John Travolta. Allow us to excerpt our favorite part, which is so fantastic that we are actually going to transcribe it for you. That's how much we care about you enjoying this bit, which needs no further introduction:

John Travolta: How did you feel about our old town of New Orleans, and the devastation from Hurricane Katrina?
Scarlett Johansson: Isn't it just the most horrible thing? What's so strange is that a week before it happened, I was saying, "We've got to do something; we've got to organize," and for some reason the government just dropped the ball.
JT: You know, our film A Love Song for Bobby Long was probably the last movie to represent New Orleans in the classic way.
SJ: Yeah, and I was thinking how fortunate it was that we were able to experience that.
JT: We could never have done that film anywhere else. The timing of it was kismet. How else would we have captured the last illusions of that city?
SJ: And that summer, and that heat.
JT: Yeah. It's haunting, really. I actually took my 707 and delivered five tons of food and medicine to the people there, and then I went on the frontlines with the National Guard searching for people. It was a real honor.
SJ: How incredible to have been so proactive.

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