Lourdes letdown.

This dispatch is sent to us from 10-year-old Morgan Krause of P.S. 75:
Hey. Lourdes didn't even do the reading here. Mrs. Halbeck did it. Lourdes just stood next to her and smiled while Mrs. Halbeck read all the people Madonna thanked for her cd. She read the lyrics to another song, too. It's not the one with the ABBA in it. People were really exited but it was kind of a letdown. Kind of. It was still exiting to see her. I'll always love her.

Morgan K.
Sorry about that, Morgan. It's interesting to see how Lourdes changes things up, though. It's pretty awesome that she did show up—the girl doesn't stop. She just goes, goes, goes. When does she even sleep? We're glad you still love her.

More, please! Thanx!

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