Model endorsement.

Because of the lack of anything better to post about, and because there's still not a new episode of "Lost" on tonight, we'll just say that the NB enthusiastically endorses Lisa to win this cycle (you've done it, Tyra—we called it a "cycle" on our first try. Congrats!) of "America's Next Top Model." We relate most to Lisa, in that she's kind of kooky, kind of bitter and kind of drunk.


We enjoy her love of bubble bathing.

We know what it feels like not to have breasts.

We, like Lisa, ADORE be-feathered headbands.

We exude confidence, even when we're down.

Yet, we're a bit vulnerable.

And we're a bit brash.

All in all, we think Lisa is the most well-rounded of the contestants and deserves to win.

Fine. We like her 'cause she's mean and drunk and has a lazy eye that everyone makes fun of.

(Pictures stolen with love from fourfour. Of course.)

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Lori said...

definitely worth posting twice! :)
and on a slow news day, you should definitely look into the fact that oprah claims on her new dvd that she once dated roger ebert. i don't think there's anything more fascinating in the WORLD than THAT.